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Washable personalised sticker labels designed to keep kids clothes, school gear and personal belongings safe. Simply peel and stick. No ironing required. Stay Wonderfully Organised!

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    Back to School

    Label it don't lose it

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    Now more than ever, we must label our belongings

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    Fundraise with us

    Fundraise with us

    Fundraising with Wonder Label™. Raise funds. Reduce your lost and found. It's that simple! No sales pressure and no set end date. No distribution or sorting! Quick online ordering for your supporters, plus FREE shipping.

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    From our Journal

    • June 04, 2020 Wonder Label for the Office
      Wonder Label for the Office Lots of us will be back in the office in the coming weeks. It is now more important than ever to ensure your personal belongings are properly labeled.
    • May 22, 2020 Star Jumps
      Star Jumps Why doing 10 jumping jacks in the morning is really helpful for little ones starting their second week of big school when anticipation can turn to apprehension.
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