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Our Autumn Books

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Our Autumn Books

We're slowly coming to that time of year when drinking a sweet-scented mug of hot chocolate after a play in the park or curling up under a blanket and getting lost between the pages of a book become things we look forward to doing most.

As the evenings start to shorten and the view from the sitting room window changes from green to deep black we have an innate urge to hibernate. Here are our top three autumn books for kids that we love to revisit especially at this time of year...


Rabbit and Bear

A story of avalanches and snowmen; of a rabbit, a bear and poo. Written by Julian Gough with the help of his daughter Sophie, this is a book that is just as funny to us as it is to Ross, Callum and Alex.

 Zen Shorts

This is a beautiful children's book, but it's just as insightful for adults too. A book of three parables told by a panda to three children. Including 'The Farmer's Luck' parable about good luck and bad luck and how you never know what will happen next. Life lessons told simply...

Not now Bernard

Another book, just as meaningful for adults as it is for kids - and maybe more so. Not Now Bernard tells the story of a Mum & Dad too distracted by their own lives to notice that their son Bernard has been gobbled up by a monster. It sounds a little scary for kids when said like that. It's really not.


We love these three books and have been reading them to our boys for years, even when they were babies.

And just as I'm writing that last sentence it's really hitting home that with Alex starting school there are no more babies in our house. I feel a little sad about that. But remembering the farmer's luck parable in Zen Shorts definitely helps.
It's time for the next chapter.
Jen x


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