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Shine bright on your little ones

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Shine bright on your little ones

The reflective Wonder Labels are here!

Waiting to shine bright on all your little ones things. From helmets and school bags to jackets, bike seats and, well, anywhere you can think of…

Our reflective labels are made in the exact same way as Wonder Labels but with a light reflective coating on top that reflects light on dark mornings and in dim light.

The idea started when my two youngest started scooting to school. And even though I’ve always bought the brightest jackets and coats I still wanted them to be more visible in dim light.

As the evenings got darker and mornings too, even with their brightly coloured jackets I wanted them to be unmissable. But there was nothing on the market that was suitable for outdoor use, waterproof and machine washable – so we invented our own. And then went one step further and personalised them.


Our reflective Wonder Labels are waterproof and heat resistant which makes them suitable for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and outdoor use. Our labels have an extremely high tack. Making them super sticky! They stick to everything from scooters and bikes, to clothing and school bags. They’re made from the most durable vinyl sticker material guaranteed to last years outside and survive the life of your clothing.


So, light up your most cherished possessions, especially at this time of year, with reflective Wonder Labels.

You can order their very own unique personalised letter labels right here!

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