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Star Jumps

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Star Jumps

At the end of August last year Callum started school. His first day went better than I could have imagined and this year as the new term begins we're still sending off a happy excited boy. Just before he embarked on his journey to primary I remembered watching Tony Robbins bouncing on a trampoline before a speaking event, and Gretchen Rubin mentioning on her podcast that doing 10 jumping jacks (star jumps) before starting something new, or doing something that may be out of your comfort zone, is really helpful. It calms but also energises you. I stuck that bit of advice in my back pocket for Callum's first day. We all did star jumps that morning, me included. But a funny twist that I could never have predicted on the first day of 'big' school was that instead of calming Callum (5) I would be soothing my youngest (4) who was distraught he wouldn't be starting school in a pristine new uniform.

Ten star jumps before Montessori calmed a disappointed four year old who decided he was ready for change.

Jen x

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