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And so the adventure begins...

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And so the adventure begins...

Over the past few months I've been working on a business idea, with my husband David and brother-in-law Aidan, that finally launched last week. It's something that started as a tiny concept over a year ago and with help and encouragement from friends and family it's finally become real.

I can't thank enough all the people who, at this early stage, have spread the word and really helped us launch Wonder Label from an idea to a successful, tangible product all through word of mouth.

After years spent ironing labels onto uniforms and getting creative with permanent markers and tipp-ex I knew what parents needed was a washable, waterproof sticker label. It took time and lots of fails, but finally I found a material that passed all the tests. Finally, a label that was beautifully designed and would last. A long time. 

The website went live on Thursday and we got our very first order on Friday evening, I could never have predicted how excited I would feel when I heard the till sound on my phone and the alert that stated Wonder Label has a new order! What followed was a weekend of sales and confirmation of what I knew and believed to be an innovative, helpful product for parents. 

I'm so excited for what lies ahead and getting this new great product in homes throughout Ireland and abroad.

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