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My Story

An easy way to label the stuff you love


I don’t know about you, but my kids are a disaster when it comes to keeping their belongings safe. They lose stuff all the time. Jumpers, tracksuit tops, lunch boxes, scooters, helmets, toys. You name it. They’ve lost it.

Over the years, to keep my sanity, I ended up labelling everything. I've used permanent marker on drinks bottles, tipp-ex on school supplies, sewing and iron-on labels on clothes, sticker labels on teddies; labelling stuff might possibly be one of the most painful parts of parenting! 

But nothing was good enough. Either the label fell off, the sewing and ironing took far too much time, or the permanent marker wasn’t so permanent after all.

So, I decided to solve this problem myself. And that’s why I created Wonder Label™ . After months of testing and retesting (washing, rewashing, microwaving, sea swimming, sun creaming, ice creaming, dog slobbering, pulling, ripping, tearing etc.), I finally found a material that past all of these tests. Finally, a label that will last. A long time.

Wonder Labels™  are washable sticker labels designed to be extra resistant to daily life. My easy to use stickers make labelling multiple items a breeze and are washable and heat resistant making them suitable for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, whatever your little ones throw at them!