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Wonder Label™- Stay Wonderfully Organised

Parenting is hard. We get that, we’re parents, too. But My Little Wonderful want to make life a little easier. We don’t want any parent to do the rummage-of-shame at the Lost & Found bin, but it’s inevitable. The only solution is using Wonder labels for all your little one’s stuff. That way, their things will end up safe and sound, thanks to our durable, waterproof labels. Use Wonder Labels™ and you can hold your head high and forget about having to pull their smelly shoes out of the dark depths of the lost and found. That, my friends, is a parenting win. Wonder Labels are a must-have on your Back-to-School checklist. Whether your kids are starting creche or primary school, Wonder Labels has a value pack that will perfectly fit their needs. All our personalised labels are ultra-durable and ready to take on the school year. Waterproof, laundry safe and dishwasher-safe Wonder Labels™ will stay stuck from their first orientation to their last day of school.

Why you'll love Wonder Label™ 

  • Laundry Safe (both the washer and the dryer!)
  • Dishwasher Safe – Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • Easy to Apply
  • An Adhesive That Stays Stuck
  • High-Performance Vinyl, Won’t Rip or Peel
  • Personalized & Custom Designs
  • Easy to Order
  • FREE Shipping on All School Label Orders
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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